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Miscellaneous Downloads

In case you aren’t sure where to jump in with my discography, here’s some samples. If you like songs from a certain release, chances are that you’ll like the rest of it, too. I’ve also got some of my more esoteric ‘fringe releases’ available on this page as well.

All of the full albums are available in shiny zip files on the “Record Store” page for free download. If you like what you hear, please consider picking up a CD at some point, but mostly… have a listen to some of my music. It’s available in many forms, but now the question is… “how do you want to own it?”

from “Pop! Pop! Pop!” (2010):
Fighting For Love
Holly Vincent
The Audience Is Listening

from “Losing Salt” (2009):
I Will Repossess Your Heart
You’ve Got This Curse
If These Walls Could Talk

from “Linda Lovelace For President” (2008):
Jessica, I Heard You Like The Who
San Diego Doorways
Born Vintage

from “Normal Bias” (2007):
Classic Country Wasn’t Multitracked In ‘61
Happy To Be Alive
Drunk Classic Rock Fans

from “Life’s So Hard” (2006):
We’re All Gonna Die
The Problem Is Me
Life’s So Hard

from “This World Is Scary As Fuck” (2005):
Terror Song
Till You Come Home To Me
Stuck With Me

from “Bubblegum Romance” (2004):
Freezing In Florida
I’m In Love With Everyone I Know
Nerdy Girls

from “Human Slushy” (2002):
Why Don’t Girls Like Me?
Charles In Charge

Need more? Here are some miscellaneous releases and mp3’s I’ve done through the years that you might also enjoy.

2003’s “Hey Rape Girl” EP: Click here to download it in full!

2007’s “Share The Covers, Bitch!”: Click here to download it in full!

2010’s “Share The Covers, Bitch! II”: Click here to download it in full!

I have a track on the childrens compilation called (Home) Made With Love released by the We Heart Arts label. The song is called “Chicken Pox & Star Wars Guys”, and you can download it from the CLLCT.

There’s also a live version of “Nerdy Girls” recorded at Nerdapalooza 2009 available on the Nerdapalooza 2009 LIVE! CD, available here!

1999-2009’s Shock Treatment:

01. Denton USA
02. Bitchin’ In the Kitchen
03. In My Own Way
04. Thank God I’m a Man
05. Farley’s Song
06. Lullaby
07. Shock Treatment
08. Carte Blanche
09. Look What I Did to My Id
10. Breaking Out
11. Duel Duet

The Glowy Stickers – Rock Stars Made Out Of Stars
(Marc and his wife making fun of electroclash)
Click here to download the EP in full!


Here are the official Marc With a C live “planned slip” albums. These are different from the “official bootlegs” that you’ll see floating around this site from time to time, because these were recorded with the intention of releasing them. And as expected with that type of thing, they tend to be a bit more scripted than the average show, while still trying to represent what an average show might deliver in the time period we’re trying to represent. Confusing and thirsty work, huh? For better or worse, here are incredibly accurate depictions of Marc With a C concerts through the years!

The Third Planned Slip… Live! (2010):
(Recorded 12/19/09 at the annual holiday show. Stardust in Orlando, FL)

01. I Will Repossess Your Heart
02. Ammonia
03. Classic Country Wasn’t Multitracked In ‘61
04. Chicken Pox & Star Wars Guys
05. All My Drug Use Is Accidental
06. Drunk Classic Rock Fans
07. Freezing In Florida
08. Jessica, I Heard You Like The Who
09. Shock Treatment
10. Human Slushy
11. You’ve Got This Curse
12. I Am Going To Fuck Your Life Up
13. Happy To Be Alive
14. Amy, It’s Kevin

Download it by clicking here.

Another Planned Slip… Live! (2006):
(recorded live in April 2006 at Stardust, Orlando, FL)

01. We’re All Gonna Die
02. Victoria’s Girls
03. Charles In Charge
04. Broken Record Player
05. Honda Civic Paint Rocket
06. Every Single Friend
07. Life’s So Hard
08. Stuck With Me
09. I’m In Love With Everyone I Know
10. Nerdy Girls
11. Terror Song
12. No London In Brazil
13. Laura, I Need Medicine
14. Mundane
15. Sweet Transvestite

Download it by clicking here.

One Planned Slip… Live! (2003):

(recorded 8/02 and 1/03 at Guinevere’s, Orlando FL)

01. Intro By Chris Zabriskie
02. Spontaneous Pneumothorax
03. Famous Painter
04. Billie Jean
05. Bounce Bounce Bounce
06. Stairway To Rudolph
07. Left For Her
08. Mall Sluts With Cell Phones
09. Eddie’s Soup
10. Laura, I Need Medicine
11. Blowjob Queen
12. Charles In Charge
13. Melena
14. You & Me Should Go Away (with Chris Zabriskie)
15. Monkey’s Comin’ Outta Yo Ass
16. Music Can Heal
17. UPS My Heart

Download it by clicking here.

As always, more to come VERY soon…

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